Help your community and our environment. 

Membership with the ASC has some great benefits. The best of which is the great feeling you get knowing that your membership is helping both our environment as well as our community. Membership comes with some additional perks, too.  

Become an Owner

For those who want to support the ASC, a membership application is available below. For a one-time cost of just $25, you become an ASC member-owner. As an owner, you'll be involved in making our community cleaner and more sustainable. And, if you're also a legal resident of Pennsylvania, you'll have the opportunity to consider investing further via equity in the Co-op. Because the Co-op’s assets will be tied in long-term projects, or are needed to start up businesses, its ability to redeem member shares and pay patronage dividends will depend on the prevailing business conditions and the capital needs of the Co-op. For these reasons, membership should be considered a long-term investment. Never risk money you can't afford to lose.

Get Involved

Ownership in the Allegheny Solar Cooperative is for individuals and entities only (no family or joint memberships), and comes with certain benefits, including volunteering time on projects, serving on committees or on the Board, attending member meetings, voting in elections, and staying informed through communications from the Co-op. Members shall inform the Co-op of all changes to their contact information, tax identification and residency status.

Membership Not Yet Available!  E-mail with questions