Get clean energy and benefit your community.

Partnering with the Allegheny Solar Cooperative is a great way for an organization to get clean energy, as well as benefit the community it is a part of. By becoming a partner with the Allegheny Solar Cooperative, your organization can get a Cooperative funded installation on your building, with no cost to you. Then with a 20 year power purchase agreement (PPA), your organization can purchase electricity directly from the Cooperative for a competitive. At the end of the PPA, your organization will fully own the solar installation.  Smart for the environment, smart for your business, and smart for our community

Non-Profits and Businesses

Community benefit is a huge part of what the ASC believes in. For a non-profit partner, that means the money that is saved can then be directed towards fulfilling your mission! If you’re a business, you can enter into a Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) which will direct the savings on your electricity bills towards projects working to make your community a better place.

Grist House Craft Brewery Leading the Way

We are excited to announce that this summer, Millvale's own Grist House Craft Brewery will become the first partner of the Allegheny Solar Cooperative.  As a leader in the craft brewing and environmentally friendly business operations, Grist House was a natural partner for the Allegheny Solar Cooperative.  In the coming months, keep your eyes open for membership drive events at Grist House and throughout the greater Pittsburgh area.

The cooperative will sell Grist House the power generated at a predictable rate for 20 years while the neighboring Millvale Community Library will benefit from the Solar Renewable Energy Credits.