We believe solar energy should be accessible for all.

We believe that solar energy is something that all people should be able to access, but the reality is that often people find that to be difficult. The reasons can range from affordability, to having a home with poor rooftop sun exposure, to not being a home-owner. Whatever the reason, the ASC is an easy, and innovative way for all solar energy lovers to become active investors.

Shared Intent

The purpose of the Allegheny Solar Cooperative is to link the interests and investment opportunities of ASC members and shareholders to organizations in western Pennsylvania that share the desire and intent of installing solar energy systems to replace fossil fuel generated electricity. This helps us create a cleaner, healthier environment for all of us to live, work and play in our communities. The ASC provides a creative financing mechanism that supports the installation of solar energy on the property of organizations so that both the host site and the cooperative owners benefit from clean energy.